Tuesday, 30 August 2011

One down, one to go...

First of the mighty Contemptors built on Sunday night (took two hours), sooo many positioning options - absolutely amazing. He's not yet glued to the amazing base, as it needs trimming slightly. You can't see on the photos but the right foot is just resting on a thin piece and looks wrong.

This is the chap that's going along to Daemon Day this Saturday, where hopefully I'll be able to do him justice with a top notch paint job.

His brother is having magnetised options for the weapons and a more static pose.

I'll get photos up of him asap, fingers crossed I'll get another night of building in this week.

'til then... carcharodon carcharias out.

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Fight, fight fight!

Taking the Black Templars up against the Orks this evening (my second ever 'proper' game) so another night goes by without Tyberos or the Contemptors getting some love! The Daemon Day is Saturday September 3rd so I'll have to get all 3 built up this weekend (ok Sunday night). I'll upload wip photos then.

Keep watching the skies
carcharodon carcharias

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

So it begins...

Carcharodons transfers ordered from Forgeworld, nothing's stopping me now!

carcharodon carcharias

Carcharodons attack

Without warning they come! I love the fluff from IA10, and Tyberos the Red Wake from www.forgeworld.co.uk ain't half bad either, so I've taken the plunge towards another 40k army (Black Templars, Bad Moon Orks and Grey Knights filling the rest of the garage already), and received Tyberos and 2 x contemptor dreads last week.

I'm lucky enough to be attending Daemon Day at Maelstrom Games in Nottingham in a couple of weeks where I'm hoping to take them along and pick up some tips from some world class painters.

Once that's sorted I'll post up the wip of the above and start building the army from there. In the interim, the BT's will play as counts as Carcharodons.

Until then, keep your brushes clean
carcharodon carcharias out