Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Dark and bloody times

Just got an email back from Forge world; 'there are no plans to produce either shoulder pads or doors for the carcharodons in the near future. This might change in the future'.

That's pretty sad news to my ears, what say the rest of you mysterious and enigmatic brethren get on to them and get this changed? Our loyalist brother Minotaurs are getting plenty of attention at the minute, even the secessionist Astral Claws have had their turn, so how about the carcharodons?

For my part I shall not rest until we receive our ancient armour!

carcharodon carcharias out

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Contemptor and rhino

Finally got around to getting more paint onto the contemptor, some work on it's base and managed to get a razorback built, painted and weathered. The dreadnought is such a joy to pose and paint, I use it as a treat when the more mundane painting starts taking it's toll.

As you can see I'm a firm fan of heavy, heavy weathering; these guys have been in the field for centuries not weeks, apart from keeping them running there's no time to clean them up. My eventual goal will be to have a number of rhinos in various states, as the Carcharodons don't appear to have the ability to produce these, so scavenge what they can from the field of battle. In that case I expect that they would respray (or is it strip down) to the grey.

Still got another contemptor to finish, Tyberos is still in bits, and a stack of razorbacks to build, plus whatever Santa brings (armoured proteus perhaps), so I'm off to break out the brushes.

carcharodon carcharias out