Monday, 24 July 2017

Realm of Battle Board: hit the chaos black respray button

I went on the Realm of Battle Masterclass several years ago, opting to go with a winter theme. While the initial paint job was grand; undercoat black, basecoat with The Fang, heavy drybrush with Baneblade Brown and a slightly less heavy drybrush of Mechanicus Standard Grey. Final hit of a circling drybrush, very lightly with Ceramite White. Boards looked fab and I couldn't have been happier.

My gut instinct was to ignore the next stage, take these back home and do the drifting snow effect back home, but with almost the whole afternoon left it was daub some pva glue onto the great looking boards and dump into a ready made foamex box. Sprinkled liberally with snow, you've no need to imagine how crap they ended up as there are plenty of photos below... always trust your gut instinct

I had a go at improving these last summer, why I feel the need to work on snowscapes in the middle of a heatwave, I know not? Then, I used a butter knife to get under the worst of the "mini hills" of glue and got a rough (NOT wire) scourer to get the worst of the snow off. The hills (images 1 and 2) have had this treatment, ok it knocked back the winter wonderland look, but still not enough. On image 13 you can see the gouge marks where I've gotten under the pva. Thoroughly disheartened, it's back in the bag they go.

Fed up with the finished look of these, I finally decided this weekend, enough is enough, and a quick tour of Google et al gave me the info I needed, spray WD40 onto the boards. This dissolves the glue and you can scrape what's left off and be back at the painted boards. That's the plan and I'll update you in a few days with how these turned out, but the plan is to remove all the snow and repaint if necessary, hopefully not. I'll sprinkle the scenic snow from above, to mimic nature, not sure yet but a straw or hairdryer to form the drifts. Watered down pva sprayed on to lock it all in place and I should end up with a rocky terrain with a light drifting snowfall, lots of drifts to the hills and snow in the cracks on the 'paths'. We'll see...

Below are the boards before I went into the garden and liberally coated them in WD40, results to follow.

Monday, 3 July 2017

Primaris Black Templars – so close to done...

I've never got so many painted so fast, well, fast for me. Guess these took about 2 weeks, so 3 – 4 nights a week, 2-3 hours a night. 24 hours to get this far. 

Another night of finessing to tidy up the eyes and any overspill, quick drybrush and edge the bases, and I should be sorted. Liking the fast paint job. Bleached bone instead of white, dark reaper drybrush over black, with a nuln oil (gloss) over the top. This should all flatten down nicely with a coat of satin, and I think I'll revisit my existing Templars and give them the same treatment (one day). I've another another batch of Primaris to paint as Charcharodons, looking forward to finding an equally fast way to paint those which should keep me busy through July.

Wednesday, 28 June 2017


Anyone else had this?
Mold lines I can live with, but this was really weird, like the mold wasn't sealed properly so the plastic for want of a better word drifted. It was pretty bad around the knees and crotch, but terrible on the pauldrons. The photo is poor but you can clearly see the result. I cut the detail back in on the worst ones, but they aren't going to win any prizes that's for sure. The chunk missing in the centre can be scraped down and a swipe of liquid green will get rid of that, in fact after undercoating there's usually hardly anything to see.

I reached out to GW to flag the quality control issue, and they said they've not had this before, and if I supply them with additional photos and the batch number they'll look in to it further. I'll keep you updated.

UPDATE: Games Workshop asked for further photos and the batch number, and once they had photo evidence, they agreed to send me another set of sprues. I'll paint these as Charcharodons, and post how I get on. Thanks Gee Dub!

Monday, 26 June 2017

Black Templar Army | The cold light of day

Here's my current army in the cold light of day. It's not complete, I purchased the 2 Horus hersy boxed sets and the Dark Imperium to bolster the troops, there's at least one flyer waiting in the wings and several FW models that need paint on. Oh and a Cerastus Knight Castigator needs bulilding

I've found it quite refreshing to get a photographic record of how much stuff I have, and how much of that needs painting/finishing off. As my beloved wife said; "if you never visit GW again you've years of stuff to get through". Did I mention the Bad Moon army, Deathwatch, and Grey Knights that I haven't treated to a group photo of yet. All in good time, I've got years after all.

I'll be getting back into gaming with 8th in the next few weeks, and the Dark Imperium contents are already undercoated and tabletop ready. After finishing the details on those, well there's a tank or two that needs some attention. Wish me luck...